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Hello World ! I hope this blog finds you well and add a value to your knowledge base. So, What do you think, what is python and why should you learn it?


Python is a General Purpose, High Level, Interpreted, versatile Programming Language with the feature of supporting multiple paradigm.

Woo.. Wo Wait… that’s a lot of jargon to understand. Let’s break down the word to keep the things simple. let’s go through couple of of ‘What’ to understand.

What is a Programming Language ?

Generally a Language is the “Means of Communication”. We communicate to exchange information or instruction with other humans in the world. Programming Language is also a means of communication but we instruct the computer to do something (instruct)for us via Programming Language. So, Python is nothing but a programming language that helps us to Communicate with a system.

What is interpreted ?

Suppose, you are lost in Amazon rain forest and rescued by a local tribe. They might be speaking “Tupian” to communicate with you. If you are hearing the name of the language for the first time in life, how would you understand or express your queries or information ? Then you need an intermediate who can listen to all of your stories and explain it to the Tribe Head (Compile) Otherwise you start talking and he goes on to explain on your behalf to them line by line (interpretation).

What is High Level ?

Computer only understand Binary Language but if you look into a python code it is more likely to be English. So we need an intermediate that can help to translate a “Near to English Python code” (High Level) to a Machine Level Binary Code(Low Level). The translation process may involve multiple layering. If the Language is near to machine level then it is generally very fast whereas it might be very difficult to code.

So Python is High Level. it might be slower comparing to other Language like C, C++ or java but it will most likely not impact you as it is very easy to learn.

What is General Purpose ?

There are over 700 programming languages in the world. Many of them has special purpose for their existence. If one language is for Web development then other can work efficiently for Mobile App development. Some might be good for Desktop Application.

You can’t expect a fish to climb up tree and fetch a fruit of you. Right ? So programming languages also have some specialty to work efficiently for which they were created. However, Python can swim, as well as climb a tree for you, even it flies in the sky and jumps through fire.

Jokes Apart, General Purpose means python is suitable and compatible for Web Development, Mobile App Development, Desktop Application, Database Application , Automation, Cloud, Wen Scraping and What not ?

From here I guess you have already understood why it is Versatile.

What is programming paradigm ?

There are multiple ideology for the programmer and the programming language to follow certain principles. There exists procedural Programming Paradigm, Object Oriented Programming Paradigm, Functional Programming and many more.

Python allows you to develop your code following multiple paradigm. That is why Python is so loved by everyone in the world.

That’s All for today. I hope the jargons are now cleared in your mind. Happy Coding!




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